West Virginia Sales Tax

Any artist or vendor setting up at Tsubasacon will need to remit Sales Tax to the State of West Virginia. While we, Tsubasacon, are not requiring this the state of West Virginia does, we’re including this information to facilitate the process.

If you aren’t already registered as a business, you can register online or using the attached PDF Forms. There may or may not be a tax representative to pick up your completed application at the con, you can always mail it after the event is over.

Business Registration Form

Sales and Use Tax Form

The following guide is mostly for artists, vendors may need to fill out the form differently, if you have any questions, please contact the WV tax office.

Note: This is mostly a quick guide and isn’t legal tax advice, this came from a conversation with our local Tax representative.

Part 1
New Business
Section B
SSN or FEIN – Just use your SSN if you don’t want to sign up for a FEIN
Line 1 – Your Name or Business
LINE 3 – Your Address
Line 4 – Your Address again
Line 6 – Skip
Line 6a – Skip
Line 6b – Skip
Line 7 – Date you’re submitting the form to West Virginia
Line 8 – Normal time you do Taxes (December 31st)
Line 9 – Generate Estimate of Sales
Section C
Line 11 – General description of your art or business
Line 12 – NAICS Code, Leave Blank or put something like 711510
Line 13 – Checkmark Sales and Services and Other Sales, Service, or Maintenance not Listed
Section D
Line 14 – Most Likely “Sole Proprietor”
Section E:
Line 15 – Put your information and SSN (as the organizer / owner)
Section G
Leave Blank