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Volunteers must be 16 years or older at the time of the convention and be a registered attendee for the convention.

Please have your badge purchased prior to the convention, we highly suggest pre-registering online early to save money.

Cosplay is allowed but we ask that you don’t have props, your hands are free, and doesn’t restrict you from safely interacting with attendees. Also your badge must be visible at all times.

Have a means of contact throughout and during the convention, such as a cell phone to receive text messages.


Volunteers work 12 hours before badge reimbursement, if you’re unable to work the full 12 hours please work with the volunteer coordinator ahead of time.

Able to assist with tasks like setting chairs, event seating, placing print-outs and packing program bags, badge-check, crowd control, and work as an assistant within certain departments, panels, registration, etc.

Able to work up to 4 hour shifts.


At the end of your 12 hours you will have your registration fee refunded to you, up to $50.00.


Between shifts we are offering volunteers access to our green room, where water and simple snacks will be available.

Opportunity to become a permanent member of the Tsubasacon staff after completing up to 15 hours of volunteer work.


If you prove unreliable at any point during the convention, we reserve the right to reduce hours or end your volunteer commission, which will include removal of reimbursement possibility.

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