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Tsubasacon 2022 would like to welcome Susan Onysko!

She’ll be taking photos in room 205, labeled “Photo Room” on the map.

Cosplay 50:  The United States of Cosplay

I am an internationally awarded and exhibited professional travel photographer from Ohio. I started attending conventions with my children over a decade ago and immediately fell in love with Cosplay and the Cosplay culture. I started photographing Cosplayers on the convention floor and although I created some great images, I knew that I could create spectacular portraits if I could somehow bring my entire studio with me on location to the conventions. I rented out my first room in 2016, defined the project in 2017 and the rest is history.

The “Cosplay 50: The United States of Cosplay” project combines two of my greatest loves: Cosplay and travel. I attend conventions in every state and photograph the amazing Cosplayers that I find there with the goal of assembling a coffee table book at the conclusion of the 50th state that represents the nation-wide Cosplay culture. As of 2022 I will have completed 24 states. Please check out Cosplay50.com or download the “Cosplay 50” iOS/Android app, a social media site that I am working on, for even more information and lots of photos!

I scour the convention floor to find exceptional examples of Cosplay and invite those I find to my studio for a FREE thirty-minute photography session. This appointment must be scheduled. I use different lighting techniques and backgrounds so that every individual gets a unique high-quality portrait of themselves, and we have a lot of fun in the process. 

Each Cosplayer receives ONE fully retouched high-resolution JPEG by email after the convention.  This image can be printed for personal use, has no watermark on it, and is high enough resolution to be printed poster sized. I also send a low-resolution JPEG with my watermark on it for use on social media. I ask that you refrain from selling the image and when you use it online, please select the watermarked version and tag me – it is how others hear about me and the project.

During your session I also have you complete a model release on my iPad, which I email to you along with your image. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I take behind the scenes photos and video of our session to use on social media?

A:  Yes, and Yes! Please tag me to get the word out!  Even better – email it to me and I can post it also and will give you YOUR photo credit. You can also post it on Cosplay50.com!

Q.  How and where will my Image be used? 

A:  Images go on business cards and flyers that I pass out at conventions, to show others the work that I do. They go into slideshows on Cosplay and lighting techniques that I present at various organizations. They appear on social media and my website. They can go in magazines and gallery shows on the project. The endgame is the book. All photography, behind-the scenes photos and video can be used to promote the project in any form (on social media, news sites, newspapers, magazines, or television).

Q: Can I purchase the images taken or prints?

A: At this time, I can only edit one image for each Cosplayer. I pick the best image of our session and fully edit that one, oftentimes spending hours per image. Currently, I do not offer prints.

Q:  I have many images of myself in this Cosplay, can I come as a different character?

A:  I specifically pick Cosplayers out for the Cosplay that they are in so that’s the one I want to photograph. I may, however, photograph you in both. Please just ask first, thanks!  

Q:  I am attending the convention as different Cosplays for multiple days; can I stop in again? 

A:  Yes, please check with me to sign up for a potenital appointment slot each day.

Q: When and how do I get my image?

A: I either send the image via email or through DM on Cosplay50.com. I use the email address that is on the model release, so please make sure that it is correct.

Q:  I am working at the convention all day, is it still possible to come in?

A:  Yes! We open early and stay late for those working at the convention whenever possible, please just ask. 

I can’t guarantee a time frame to get the image to everyone as of now. When I started this project, I accepted everyone and would have lines out the door and hundreds upon hundreds of photos to edit per convention. Since the transition to dedicated appointment slots I am slowly playing catch up. Please note I am posting new convention photos online while working on past conventions in the background.

Every aspect of this project is unpaid and fueled by my passion for it. Please have patience and the images will come!

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