Tsubasacon 2021 Welcomes – Dani Chambers

by | Aug 1, 2021 | Tsubasacon Guests


Dani Chambers is an actress based in Dallas, TX. She has been acting on stage and film
for the past twenty years, and has been performing voice-over work for the past five
years. Performing in theater and short films has helped her acting skills to grow and
develop tremendously, and she’s enjoyed every minute of it!

Dani made her anime debut in 2017 as Chise Hatori, the title character of the show “The
Ancient Magus Bride.” From then on, she has voiced plenty of roles such as Maharo
from “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Movie”, Serval in “Kemono Friends”, Hina
Sato / Odin in “The Day I Became a God”, Dahlia/Iris Hawthorne in “Ace Attorney”,
Mary in “Fairy Tail: Final Season”, Otomi in “MIX”, and Funicia in “ASTRA: Lost in
Space.” You can also hear her in “SMITE” as Plushie Artio and in Marvel Avenger
Academy as “Ironheart.”

Dani is super excited to start getting into the convention scene, and can’t wait to start
new adventures! Be sure to follow Dani Chambers on Twitter @SkiniMini07, Instagram
@danidchambers, and her website danidchambers.com for all kinds of fun updates!

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