Tsubasacon 2021 Autograph Policy

by | May 14, 2021 | Tsubasacon 2021

Tsubasacon 2021

We know you love the guests, and the guests love you! Here are some simple rules to help make your autograph and guest experience both quick and exciting!

  • Follow the instructions of the Tsubasacon staff.
  • No touching guests without their consent.
  • Each person is limited to two (2) items to be autographed unless stated otherwise.
  • Guests will only autograph items that are relevant to their work.
  • Photographs may not be taken with the guest during an autograph session unless stated otherwise.
  • Going behind the guest’s table is not allowed.
  • Please be considerate of your fellow attendees and avoid having lengthy conversations with the guests during an autograph session.
  • Autograph lines may be “capped” at any point to keep events on schedule.
  • Always be respectful of our guests. Attendees that exhibit rude or inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave the line and will not be admitted back in.
  • Check your Program Schedule for the Autograph Session times and locations.
  • Guests will not sign a bootleg item. Our guests know which items are legitimate and which are not. If you have any questions about a product you want signed, please ask a staff member.

If a guest’s event immediately precedes a scheduled autograph session, attendees of that event will receive priority placement in the autograph line.

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