Tsubasacon 2022 – Run A Game

by | Jun 6, 2022 | Tsubasacon 2022, Tsubasacon Gaming

Tsubasacon 2022

This application is for those wishing to run a game or event at Tsubasacon, this can be anything from a tabletop game to a full D&D Adventure. For GM’s and DM’s we offer a discounted badge starting at 5+ hours and a comped badge at 12+ hours (once approved). Pre-register your games using the form below. Email mchambers@tsubasacon.org if you have any questions! Please note you can’t combine GM / DM reimbursement with any other reimbursement. 

Please note: we’ll be using Grenadine for event sign-ups this year vs Warhorn.

Tsubasacon 2022 Game Submission Form

If you are a DM or GM wanting to run a game at Tsubasacon this is the form for you! Under "Games" you will submit each game session you would like to run.

"*" indicates required fields

Your Name*
If Applicable
Game Name Game Rule Set Actions
Add each game you'd like to run! Supports multiple games, no need to submit separate applications!

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