Fan Organized Photoshoots

Group Photoshoots @ Elk River Atrium

Would you like to organize a group photoshoot or meetup? This form is to help facilitate that!

The advertised location for Photoshoots is the Elk River Atrium, located between Main Events and the Escalators, we’ll try to have some sort of staff photographer come by to take pictures, but this is not always guaranteed.

Submissions are now closed, thank you!

Photoshoot – Cyberpunk

All things regarding the game Cyberpunk 2077, or the anime Cyberpunk Edgerunners! Come show off your cosplay, or meet other people who also love this universe! Friday 2:30 PM Elk River Atrium (By Main Events) Hosted By Alyson Pennington

Photoshoot – The Owl House Meetup

Calling all Owl House fans and cosplayers! This meetup welcomes both fans and characters from the hit Disney show to join the panelists of ‘The Owl House: University of Wild Magic’ for a photoshoot and fun! Be sure to join us right after for our panel at 12 PM!...

Photoshoot – One Piece Photoshoot

Since the theme is Knights vs. Pirates, we’re hoping to see plenty of One Piece cosplays this Tsubasacon! My friends and I were hoping to organize a group One Piece photoshoot for everyone with the same thought process as us to join in for a fun pirate photoshoot from...

Photoshoot – Spiderverse

Calling all Spiderpeople from all dimensions! This Spiderverse meetup will be hosted by CowboySimpCos and can include any Spiderman from any movie, show, comic, etc! OC/Spidersonas are welcome! Other related characters like Green Goblin, Venom, Deadpool, etc are...

Photoshoot – My Hero Academia

Welcome heroes and villains to the My Hero Academia photoshoot! Gather with us in your favorite cosplay, bring your camera, or come and hang with other fans who love all things My Hero! Friday 2:00 PM Elk River Atrium (By Main Events) Hosted By Brooke...


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