Policy & Application 2023

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Tsubasacon’s panels are fan-driven discussions and workshops on topics including anime and manga series, Japanese culture, cosplay construction, video gaming, and everything in between. Panels are a great way to learn about new topics and to meet new friends who have interests in the same topics. If you are interested in running a panel for the 2023 convention, please read the information below before filling out the application.

Reimbursement Policy

Panels can have one head panelist and one secondary panelist. The person submitting the form will act as the point of contact for a panel group. Only the head panelist will receive reimbursement from Tsubasacon. All head panelists who complete two hours worth of programming will be eligible for badge reimbursement of $40.00, and must claim reimbursement before the end of the convention. Panelists who are volunteers or staff will not eligible for badge reimbursements through this policy.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that you cannot host your panel or workshop, please contact the Panel Coordinator at to cancel your application. Panelists may freely cancel their application by September 1st, 2023 without penalties. Panelists who cancel after September 1st, who fail to contact the Panel Coordinator directly about a cancellation, or who do not show up to host their panel or workshop may not be permitted to host a panel or workshop at the next convention.

Panelist Check-in

When panelists arrive at the convention, they are encouraged to check-in with the Panel Operations desk (upstairs, outside of the panel rooms). Panelists are required to check-in to the Panel Operations Desk 1 hour prior to the start of their panel. This allows the staff to take attendance of the panelists and review any equipment or technical needs for their panel.

Panel Room Information

Each panel room can be equipped with a digital projector, speakers, and a microphone on request. It’s up to the panelist to bring any adapters or cables to interact with a standard VGA / DVI projector, some adapters will be provided at request, failure to return said adapters may result in future panel applications to be rejected.  Note:  Technology changes and we will update this section as needed, most projectors are supporting HDMI for example.

Public Wi-Fi is available but not guaranteed.

Panelists are advised to have prepared presentations and screenshots before their panel.

Panel Length

Panel length is one hour or two hours. Panels longer than 2 hours need special permission for approval. Set aside at least five minutes at the start and end of the panel’s allotted time for setup and breakdown.

Notes on Panel Content

Tsubasacon prides itself as being a safe environment for children and teenagers. While Tsubasacon allows Mature-themed (inappropriate for children aged less than 18) material to be viewed and discussed at the convention, Tsubasacon utilizes a rating system in order to better inform parents of the content of an event. When applying for a panel, you will be asked to give an age rating for the content of your panel. Panelists are expected to adhere to the age rating which they have given their panel so that Tsubasacon can maintain its positive reputation.


We are always seeking quality workshops, if you are a crafter, sewer, or cosplayer who would like to host a workshop (teaching others your craft) but are concerned about cost of materials, please email for special arrangments.

Rating Guide

  • All Ages: These panels/events have absolutely no rating concerns that make it inappropriate for anyone.
  • Teen: These are panels/events that deal with the occasional darker topics or more intense themes. Minimal language and possible suggestive content recommended for people over the age of 13.
  • Mature: These panels/events will explore adult material such as violence, sexual content, horror etc. These panels also contain strong language and highly suggestive content. Recommended for mature audiences only.

Racial slurs or hate speech will not be tolerated in any panel. Content containing content like burlesque shows are prohibited by the venue and cannot be approved.


Panelists must be 16 or older. Panelists are permitted to promote their own works, websites, and other effects. However, panelists who do not have a vendor’s badge are not allowed to sell merchandise or obtain monetary gain as a direct result of the panel other than what has been described above. Panels are meant to be informative and educational, if you are submitting a “game” or an “in character Q&A” type of panel we reserve the right to reject panel outright, or place certain restrictions on said panel if submitting one of these panels we will contact you with more information, please try to have your cast assembled before submitting your panel application.

Additional Information

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Panel Coordinator at for more information.

Panel Applications are now CLOSED! Thanks to everyone who submitted panels this year!


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