Japanese Arcade List

by | Sep 9, 2023 | Tsubasacon 2023, Tsubasacon News


Here are just some of the machines that’ll be coming to Tsubasacon 2023!

– Dance Rush
– Taiko Nijiro
– Initial D v8 (two linked cabinets)
– Sega Titan
– Dance Maniax
– Pop’n Music
– Swords of Fury (pinball)
– World Cup Soccer (pinball)
– Bride of Pinbot (pinball)
– Beatmania Mini
– Pokken Tournament (two linked cabinets)
– DDR A20+
– Dead or Alive 5
– ExaArcadia (Gimmick!, Samurai Shodown V Perfect, Cotton Rock n Roll, Crimson Katana)

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